What is the difference between a diamond and a brilliant?

Diamond and brilliant, are the same naturally occurring mineral in the earth. A brilliant is called a polished diamond in a round form featuring a full brilliant cut. In common language, we can also call brilliant a diamond in other cuts, such as oval or emerald.

What is the Diamond 4C Rule?

The 4Cs simply stands for the English names of the four most important parameters that determine the value of a stone. These are carat, color, clarity and cut.


"The weight of gemstones, including diamonds, is defined in metric carats (ct). One carat has been defined as 200mg, or 0.2 grams. The weight of a diamond is given to two decimal places. It has a significant impact on the value of the stone."


"Typical color diamonds, which are graded on a scale from D to Z, the rarest and most valued stones are those with D color, which is completely colorless. The scale determining the degree of colorlessness of diamonds was established by the GIA and is widely used. The differences in typical diamond colors are very subtle, so the degree of colorlessness is determined under special lighting conditions and by comparing to standards."


"Diamonds generally have internal marks called inclusions, which make each stone special and unique. Inclusions of P1, P2, P3 clarity diamonds can be spotted by an expert without a loupe, while stones of SI, VS or VVS clarity can only be spotted using a specialized loupe with a 10x magnification. Among the rarest are LC clarity diamonds, which inclusions are not discernible even with a magnifying glass. Which clarity grade a diamond is assigned to is determined by, among other things, the number of inclusions and flaws, their placement, size, ease of seeing and their effect on brilliance."

The rarest in the market:
FL (Flawless) - completely clear, free of characteristic internal marks and external marks.
IF (Internally Flawless) - clear, free of internal marks.

On the market:
VVS (Very, Very Small Inclusions) - very, very small impurities (inclusions) visible only under a microscope with very close examination by a specialist.
VS (Very Small Inclusions) - significant, tiny internal marks visible on examination at ten times magnification. Not visible to the bare eye.
SI (Small Inclusions) - small inclusions, i.e., internal marks visible on examination at ten times magnification. Stones in this purity class are recommended to customers who are looking for a balance between the aesthetic value of the ring and the price. In Poland, these are the most common stones set in jewelry.
I1 (P1), I2 (P2) and I3 (P3) (Included) - stones of low clarity grade with impurities visible to the bare eye by the layman.


"Only with the proper grinding of a diamond can you see its brilliant brilliance. This phenomenon is created as a result of total internal reflection and splitting of light rays, as well as reflection of light from external surfaces (facets). When evaluating a cut, the shape, proportions and finish of the cut are carefully analyzed. They are evaluated on a scale of: very good, good, average and poor. Only an exceptionally carefully crafted cut can make the light penetrating the diamond release its inner fire. Among the stones can be distinguished between round brilliant cut, or fancy shapes, such as oval, marquise, pear, heart."

What is a full brilliant cut?

The brilliant cut was pioneered by Marcel Tolkovsky's uniquely symmetrical cut in 1919 and then, after a few minor changes in 1926, called the perfect cut or full brilliant cut. It is characterized by the shape we know today with a pointed coil and a round rondel, as well as a minimum of 32 facets on top and at least 24 facets on the bottom of the stone.


The stones that we set in our workshop have international certificates from leading laboratories t.i.e. GIA, IGI or HRD. In addition to the details of the stone on the certificate there is also a unique report number, which can be checked online on the website of the laboratory.


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