The jewelry should not be exposed to direct sunlight, humidity, dust as well as detergents or alcohol. You can protect it against these factors with a special casket or original jagg. packaging. It is also important that individual pieces of jewelry do not come into contact with each other. Otherwise they can easily become scratched.

Do not wash gilded jewelry with water, but gently polish with a dedicated cloth. Remember that frequent intensive rubbing may accelerate the wear of the gilding.

To keep shine of gold jewelry, regularly clean it with water and dishwashing liquid. When cleaning gold remember that it is a very soft metal which can be easily scratched.

Jewelry with precious stones can be cleaned with glass cleaner spray or washing up liquid.

Gilding of jewelry is the process of covering silver with a layer of 24 carat gold. Wear is - despite proper use - completely natural, it is an unavoidable process. It is not possible to state unequivocally to determine how fast this process will happen. Contact with the skin, sweat, creams, water and perfume have an impact on it.

We offer our customers a re-gilding service.

Silver is subject to chemical reactions that can cause it to darken. This is a completely natural and reversible phenomenon. This type of tarnish is characteristic not only of jewelry, but of all items made of silver, such as sugar bowls and cutlery. Its cause is primarily sulfur compounds found in the air or on our skin, as well as moisture and chemicals. Interestingly, tarnish appears faster when jewelry is not used for a long time.

To prevent darkening, place silver and gold-plated jewelry in a jewelry box along with a moisture absorber (use sachets of beads that are added to shoe boxes or medicines, for example). Don't leave jewelry in the bathroom, especially around the sink, where it can easily come into contact with water and detergents. Remember to use perfume or cosmetics before putting on jewelry. You will get rid of the resulting tarnish by wiping the jewellery with a dedicated cloth. It is soaked in special chemicals. A few gentle strokes and the jewelry looks like new!


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