The Jewellery should not be exposed to direct sunlight, humidity, dust, detergents or alcohol. A special casket or original jagg. packaging protects it from these factors. 

Gold plated jewellery should be removed when bathing, washing your hands or doing the housework, and put back on after applying perfume or cream. By following these simple rules you will significantly prolong its beauty. If it gets darker, a special cloth for cleaning jewellery will help, in the worst case it could be re-gilded. Wet cleaning, unfortunately, will only wear away the gilding... Despite the use of jewellery according to its purpose, over time natural wear and tear occurs.

The reason for the darkening of silver is its reaction to e.g. sulphur compounds, moisture and chemicals. This is a completely natural process. To avoid this put a moisture absorber in your jewellery box (use sachets with balls, which are added to boxes for shoes or medicines). Don't leave silver jewellery in the bathroom, especially around the sink where it can easily come into contact with water and detergents. Remember not to use perfume or cream directly on your jewellery as it will cause quick darkening. If despite all the above mentioned rules your jewellery still needs refreshing, gently clean it with silver and gold jewellery cleaning cloth. You can buy our recommended cloth HERE.

The best way to refresh gold jewellery is to use an ultrasonic cleaner or a special cloth. The cloth is soaked in a special substance that gently cleans the jewellery. 
When it comes to gemstones set in gold, the best home-made way is to use a glass cleaner spray or a dishwashing liquid. 

When cleaning gold, remember that it is a very soft metal that can be easily scratched. A diamond can scratch a diamond, not to mention other precious stones or sapphire watch glasses. Keep this in mind when storing jewellery, especially when travelling. Throwing everything into one bag may cause losses, that is why it is worth getting a travel case for jewellery.


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